Attention Energy Executives:

Autonomous LDAR is Here.

Oil & gas companies are increasing revenue by up to 4% and transforming massive carbon taxes into a profit by using Autonomous LDAR.
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What Clients Say About

"Seeing is believing... seeing the emissions occur, seeing the inefficiencies, and quantifying those." ~Civitas Energy

Autonomous LDAR enables you to

Reduce Callouts by 80%

Save thousands by being able to remotely monitor & manage most issues. Dramatically increase safety.

Replaces Manual LDAR

We are the only government-certified alternative to regulatory LDAR.  Our clients recover up to 3% by finding & fixing "leaks" instantly.

Meets EPA + State LDAR Standards

Our CO Alt-AIMM certification is the only government-certified autonomous LDAR solution available on the market.

Reduce or Eliminate Future Carbon Taxes

We'll show you how to eliminate the new methane tax by using Autonomous LDAR.

Earn Differentiated Gas Premiums Automatically

Our ProveZero energy certificates are generated  on the blockchain automatically and can be traded for S&P MPC's.

Meets OGMP 2.0 Level 5

We meet source & site-level emissions global standards that are now being used by 70% of the world's energy producers.

The Mission of

We help oil and gas companies produce clean energy at a profit by using Energy AI and computer vision to automate HSE, ESG, & operations so humans can focus on what only they can do.

Clean Connect is the only government-certified solution that replaces manual LDAR inspections with continuous, autonomous inspection, emissions inventory and reporting enabling operators to truly manage-by-exception.

Seeing is Believing.

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